By default provisioning of OpeNgine will be done in “silent” mode. It meant no terraform plan or output will be printed and all installation(or destroying) steps will be done in one run. To start getting all output option DEBUG has to be enabled:

make install ENV=project1 DEBUG=true

For troubleshooting the make command has other targets:

  • make prepare ENV=project1 will only generate terraform files from templates. Generated files will be located at OpeNgine-base-dir/environment/prooject1/tfmodules

  • make plan ENV=project1 COMPONENTS=vps will generate terraform files for vpc component, run terraform init and then terraform plan. Plan will be saved to file OpeNgine-base-dir/environment/prooject1/tfmodules/vpc/vpc.plan. With DEBUG=true plan also will be displayed on stdout. Note: plan target can be started only for one component, when all dependencies have beed installed already. For example: vpc does not have dependencies, so make plan ENV=project1 COMPONENTS=vps will work in any cases. For running make plan ENV=project1 COMPONENTS=k8s - vpc has to be provisioned.

  • make delete ENV=project1 COMPONENTS=k8s will destroy all provisioned kubernetes clusters.

Sample Script

let generateProject = project => {
  let code = [];
  for (let js = 0; js < project.length; js++) {
- name: Ansible
  hosts: all
    ansible_ec2_local_ipv4: "{{ ansible_default_ipv4.address }}"
    - role: "ansible-template/roles/template"