OpeNgine accelerator by GlobalLogic addresses customers’ needs in modern DevOps solution and delivers comprehensive and integrated solution, including the following:

  • Resources provisioning and configuration

    • Kubernetes cluster with CI/CD server and agents

    • Artifact Repository (both for file build artifacts and Docker images)

    • Configurable set of Kubernetes based environments: DEV/STAGE/PROD - is default set

    • Monitoring, Log Management and Alerting

  • CI/CD

    • Release management

    • Testing Automation

    • Static code analysis

    • Kubernetes Integration

    • CI/CD pipelines

    • IaC


Kubernetes setup is hidden from other components by abstraction layer, the framework supports Managed Kubernetes installation (support for self-hosted on prem/on IaaS Kubernetes implementations are being added according to the roadmap).

OpeNgine architecture is based on the following core decisions:

  • Multi-cloud (Not cloud agnostic);

  • Built using Open Source technologies that can be easily adopted;

  • Native cloud service support that still avoids complete vendor lock in;

  • Production ready;

  • Supported cloud environments:

    • GCP

    • AWS

    • Azure

    • Private (implementation in progress)

    • Hybrid (implementation in progress)

  • Flexibility by multiple choices with each tool type.

To get more details about OpeNgine, please refer to:

Quick Start